If you need a PA and lights for your Pub or outdoor gig with a sound engineer to run it I can do it.


SQUEALER have been using this rig for a number of years,,,doing pubs, large venues and outdoor gigs.


For a flat rate I will transport, set up and run your sound for the gig in the greater Wellington Region and Hawkes Bay to Palmerston North.

I also have lights and DMX control system.

The Desk is a choice of 20 or  24 channel.  – 14000watts suitable for outdoor with massive Sub sound and separate on stage mixer for local separate on stage sound control

Also small Pub config with subs

Drums can be micced or not depending on the venue size.

Normally I like to mic everything so that all the control of your sound is with me. 

All you do is point your amps on stage at each other so that the stage volume is manageable and does not flood the front of house.

The flat rate is $180 within Wellington Area and $350 for Palmy to Hawks Bay.

You won’t have to do anything but sound check. 

Two front of stage fold back speakers and a powered drummers fold back so he can adjust his own level.

The desk I use is excellent in that it allows me to patch anything you require into your fold back separately from the drummer fold back as the drummer normally wants everything and the front guys just need vocals.

I am fast and experienced at getting your sound excellent.

Your lead breaks will be defined and the best parts of your music will come through and the bad bits managed for a great front of house experience.

This rig of mine is currently not getting the use it should.

I will consider equipment rentals as well should you need stuff subject to availability

So call me on 029-9203785. Cheers, Muzz