And more recently the ol Truck, a 51 F1 Pickup bought locally stripped to bare metal....

I bought this beautiful Fl Shovel built by the legend Micah McCloskey (personal friend of Burt Runroe’s) on my last trip to the states. It is now owned and adored by a good friend of mine. This bike is a high performance 96 cube strong shovel. This unique and one of a kind bike will turn the heads better than any brand new twin cam. 

Hardtail springer - SHOPAN

from this,,,,,

To this bazaar Shovelhead Panhead engine copied (with permission) from Indian Larry with the variation of the Pan on the front barrel.






 1962 Buick Lesabre Coupe, so far it is the only Lesabre Coupe we know of in NZ. It started as this....


And finished like this....



IronHead Chopper

It started like this


And finished like this

The new owner is a member of Retro Rocker chopper club. He has done some huge miles on it now. It has and will continue to appear in shows around the country.

And then there was this ol shovel....

Started like this


Ended like this


And lastly,  this beast and it had a hard life. If was treated badly and was unwarrantable.

After a few grand and some long awaited stuff from the USA it finished like this. It was built by Doug Hayes and produceD about 140HP at the rear wheel from a 124 CI donk.

Other pics from the shed