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breakin the law - Judas Priest

american woman - Krokus

Runnin Wild - Airbourne

bad boy boogie - ACDC

black night - Deep Purple

cat scratch fever - Ted Nugent

demons eye - Deep Purple

dirty deeds done dirt cheap - ACDC

enter sandman - Metallica

god save the queen - Sex Pistols

if you want blood - ACDC

high voltage - ACDC

live wire - ACDC


A Long way to the top (if you want to rock n roll) - ACDC

livin after midnight - Judas Priest

mary janes last dance - Tom Petty

no secrets - The Angels

paranoid - Black Sabbath

Go Down - ACDC

rocky mountain way -Joe Walsh

sin city - ACDC

smells like teen spirit - Nirvana

smoke on the water - Deep Purple

squealer - ACDC

boys light up - Australian Crawl

the jack - ACDC

tush - ZZ Top

walk all over you - ACDC

whole lotta rosie - ACDC

highway to hell - ACDC

back in black - ACDC

hells bells - ACDC

rock n roll - Led Zeppelin

holy diver - DIO

beer drinkers and hell raisers - ZZ Top

Hell Aint a Bad place to Be - ACDC

Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy

Problem Child - ACDC

Riff Raff - ACDC

Tie your mother down - Queen

You shook me all night long

RocknRoll Outlaw - Rose Tattoo

Juice on the Loose - Rose Tattoo

Thunderstruck - ACDC

Shot Down in Flames - ACDC

Dog Eat Dog - ACDC

Have a Drink on Me ACDC

Shes Got Balls - ACDC


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